"Very few people have the experience, intellectual depth, and profundity of heart necessary to write a book like this." - Dr. Robert Stearns, Founder of Eagles' Wings and the International Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem 

"This book is a guide to the perplexed. It’s a relatively easy read with an artful combination of up-close personal stories, hard facts and scriptural backing." - Wayne Hilsden, President of Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM) and co-founder of King of Kings Family of Ministries

"Michael's writing is filled with hope and as you read this book, your heart will be filled with hope as well...You will not be misled as the authors take you on this journey of discovery. This book is a a Godsend." - Dr. Michael L. Brown, President of FIRE School of Ministry

       God, Israel and You is a fresh and insightful perspective on an over saturated and over politicized subject.  The book invites you to think honestly and courageously about Israel.  Rather than coming at the issues with an us-versus-them mentality, God, Israel, and You reveals a God who is involved and gets His hands dirty by working through flawed people like you and me. God, Israel, and You embraces the paradoxes of the Bible: it is both straightforward and mysterious, accessible and infinite, supernatural and practical. God, Israel, and You shows you God like you may not have seen Him before. 










"Very few people have the experience, intellectual depth, and profundity of heart necessary to write a book like this. Michael Onifer brings us on a journey. It is a journey through a Land, the peoples who live and make pilgrimage there, the faith story of his own life, and the incredible demands that the Land of the Bible makes on all who dare to give her due consideration."






"This is a fantastic book. I read it in two sittings. Michael has given us a very readable, very interesting and very revealing book about Israel. He has done his homework and filled it with well researched facts that most people have never heard. In fact most likely you never will hear them unless you read this book. I highly recommend it."







"I am thankful for the contribution of Michael Onifer on these important questions on Israel, the Church, and God’s purposes. I trust that it will be used to give Christians greater understanding and a firm foundation for their stand and action in these momentous days."






"Michael Onifer is among the growing number of discerning pastoral and church leaders who acknowledges the presence of the Holy Spirit breathing timely understanding throughout the church..."






"I have learned much from Michael, and I consider him a good friend. God, Israel and You is both engaging and impactful. By the time you finish reading this book, you’ll have a deeper love for God, a greater compassion for the people in and around the Holy Land, and an expanded desire to visit Israel."






"Most everyone has an opinion on God, and most everyone has an opinion on Israel. That's why this book is worthwhile for a broad readership since it tackles the interaction of the two and the various issues resulting from that relationship. In an even-handed, theologically informed, and consistently relevant manner, Onifer and Charles have served up a thoughtful - and thought provoking - piece of work. You may or may not agree with everything contained within, but the subject of God and Israel should not be ignored. I, for one, am grateful for their call to remember it."






"This book is a guide to the perplexed. It’s a relatively easy read with an artful combination ofup-close personal stories, hard facts and scriptural backing. If you want to see the bigger picture of God’s redemptive plan for Israel and the nations, this book is for you."






Michael Onifer founded the Bethlehem Project, a leadership development and job creation program for Palestinian Christians. He has lived in Israel on multiple occasions and travels to Israel and the West Bank regularly. In addition to preaching and teaching at churches and college campuses across the United States, for the past ten years Michael has traveled to Israel leading groups of young adults and pastors.




Joshua Charles is the co-author of the #1 New York Times best-selling book The Original Argument, and the recent Amazon bestseller Liberty’s Secrets.  Joshua is a concert pianist, having obtained a Piano Performance degree as an undergraduate, and performed throughout the United States and Europe.  He also holds a Master of Arts in Government with a certificate in Global Politics, and is currently completing his law degree.  Joshua is a public policy Fellow at William Jessup University, a columnist, an Israel Experience Scholar, a member of the Council for National Policy, a Writer/Researcher at the Museum of the Bible, and one of the rising articulate voices of the millennial generation.


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